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Does this sound familiar in your business?

  • You've hit a ceiling on your revenue and your time, and you're so ready to breakthrough.
  • You're overwhelmed because personal band-width is stretched to the max.
  • You fly by the seat of your pants to get the next client, the next account with no real plan in place for bold growth.
  • You're not building enough business from past clients and referrals.
  • When you do attract an ideal prospect, your ratio on closing the sale could be much higher.
  • You're working hours for dollars rather than having many revenue streams.
  • You're stuck in the details instead of leading from the Big Picture of your business.
  • You're marketing is stop and start, rather than a consistent flow.
  • Your business is not systemized enough so it cannot run without you.
  • You spin out chasing one good idea after the next.
  • You get distracted with the little things that don't bring in the big bucks.
  • You want your business to fill your spirit, right now it is draining your energy.
  • You're ready to be recognized as the authority in your industry, instead of the best kept secret around!
  • You're not running your business like the CEO, Leader and Visionary that you are meant to be!

If any of this resonates, then it is time for your breakthrough!

We invite you to the most Unprecedented Business Growth Event designed for Big Thinking Entrepreneurs, that does more than inspire you into action, but gives you an entire roadmap to success.

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"I will be walking you step-by-step through the exact blueprint I have used to build 10 successful companies from the ground up. You will leave with your very own business roadmap to take your company to a whole new level financially, and structurally. Get ready for a completely new lease on life with more freedom and passion than you have experienced in years!"


In just three days, you're going to walk away with:

  • Your Complete Business Blueprint to Get you Out of Confusion and On Target to Succeed.
  • Knowing how to LEVERAGE your time and effort so you make far more and work less!
  • How to ATTRACT all the business you need without pressuring or arm twisting.
  • How to tap into million dollar ideas, turn them into hot products and services that keep the big pay days rolling in.
  • How to maximize your sales efforts and create clients from years to come, without selling!
  • How to quickly move through any resistance or roadblocks that have held you back from reaching your potential, goals and dreams.
  • Allison's behind-the-scenes tips to will save you a tons of time, money and energy and keep you from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.
  • A stress-free weekly business structure that will add freedom, balance and fun to your life!
  • How to be paid well for doing what you LOVE in your business.
  • Innovative Marketing strategies to attract your most aligned clients and customers.
  • How to be Seen and Heard everywhere so customers are lining up to work with you.
  • How to automate your marketing so you just set it up and it goes and goes.
  • How to build your success team so that you have a movement on board to make your vision happen.
  • How to lead and inspire like the Millionaire CEO you are meant to be!

The Simple Daily Steps to Fiscal Wealth and Prosperity.

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Just one client pays for your ticket price...

In this sought after event, deals are made, partnerships forged, clients are discovered. This year, we have made room for more than double the attendance so you can make connections with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs that you would love working with and that have the ability to catapult your business fast.

Building business is about developing long-term, fruitful relationships. There will be no better way to do this than meeting with your prospective clients and new friends under one roof, one bonded audience with an aligned mission to support one another toward success.

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Here's everything you will be receiving:

A ticket to my LIVE
Blast Off Business Breakthrough
January 31-Feb 2 in San Diego, CA

  • Your own Personal Blast Off Breakthrough Binder

    We want you to be able to listen and take it all in so you will receive a beautiful binder with all the notes, examples and charts you will need to put your new training into action right away!
    Value: $697

  • Amazing Hotel Rates

    We've made special arrangements with The Marriott, La Jolla to ensure you're going to get a beautiful room, 5 Star service, and an atmosphere designed for your learning experience. But best of all, we're making sure you get a FANTASTIC ROOM RATE making it even easier to fit this event into your budget, especially if you're traveling! This discount can save you hundreds of dollars.
    Savings up to $500

  • Preferred Resources and Vendors

    Allison will share her complete Rolodex of preferred vendors that she uses in her business to run her business, attract more clients and make life so much easier. Allison only works with people that are reliable, experts in their field and know their stuff. This access alone is worth hundreds of dollars.
    Value: $1000

  • Your Templates, Flow Charts and Final Business Blueprint!

    These will make everything so CLEAR and EASY for you—especially because she will walk you through the steps and you can apply them to your business right away. These are the exact tools Allison uses to grow her business in sales, marketing, planning, logistics and building a powerful team! Each of the templates, checklists, examples and more are in addition to your Breakthrough Binder. You will be able to use them over and over for continued success.
    Value: $800

  • Opportunity to RECEIVE a One-on-One Coaching Session LIVE with Allison on Stage!

    Allison is giving opportunities for you to receive "hotseat" MENTORING with her, up on the main stage. She has to ability see the roadblock clearly, lay out a WINNING STRATEGY for your business right on the spot. These are worth the price of admission!
    Value: $1000

  • Mingle at the Mojo Networking Party

    Join me and the other entrepreneurs for an amazing night of networking, dancing cocktails and hors' doeuvres. It's our time to get all dressed up, network and have a blast!
    Value: $250

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She Walks Her Talk...

Allison is a born entrepreneur launching her first business at the age of 19. She has made millions building 10 companies from the ground up.

And now she is going to teach you how she does it on a daily basis.

Get ready to multiply your income, have more freedom, fill your spirit and have a lot more fun!

Allison has impacted thousands to create their own legacy using her systemized growth formula for solid business success. In addition to running 10 companies, she has been a world-renowned homeopath for the past 17 years. Allison's work embodies a partnership of holistic balance, a zest for success, and the most innovative business strategies you will find anywhere. Starting out as a single mom with no money, Allison refused to back down. She turned roadblocks into pure gold. Her client list has included Supercuts, Ben and Jerry's, Charlotte Russe, Allstate and Meryl Lynch. She has been an expert guest on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox Stations across the US and recently interviewed in Success Magazine.

Allison knows what it is like to hit the wall and start at ground zero. In her early thirties, she had a dramatic wake-up call and walked away from everything. She yearned for a life and business that she was 100% elated about. For Allison, it's either a ‘hell yes!” or forget it when it comes to living a full and passionate life. She refused to back down and went on to build 9 more highly profitable companies that she has had a blast with. At the Blast Off Business Breakthrough, she will walk you through the exact formula for millionaire success she uses on a daily basis.

In this unprecedented 3 days, Allison will teach you to Run Your Business like the Millionaire CEO, Leader and Visionary you are meant to be.

It's time to throw away your fly-by-night strategies. Allison will teach you how to design a solid company that will blossom and elevate through any economy, and stand the test of time. Her Blast Off Action Strategy is a step-by-step roadmap for you to create dramatic shifts in your business for bold results logistically, financially and personally.

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What others say about Allison:

I tripled my business after the Blast Off Breakthrough Event!
"The biggest thing I have done for my business in last 10 years is finding Allison. I spent the weekend with her at her Blast Off Breakthrough 3-day event last year. This one weekend fundamentally changed my business. I went back to Dallas and was able to put an entire structure in place. This experience gave me the ability to triple my business!"

Deb Cantrel, CEO, Savor Culinary Services

She helped me find the clarity to take the leap!
"When I went to see Allison, I was, like many people, stuck and unfulfilled in my career. Allison helped me sort myself out and see my potential. She helped me find the clarity and the guts to take the leap. Thank goodness she did! Since then I've produced my own national series television show on Discovery Health, have won 12 Emmy's and I just published my third book."

Sam Zien, The Cooking Guy, Television Personality/Chef

Allison Maslan is the real deal.
"Her approach, systems and support in life and business coaching are critical to moving you forward in your life and business. She has a sense of spirit that is unequaled and I value her above all others. "

Mark LeBlanc, Author and Speaker, Growing Your Business and Never Be The Same,
National Speakers Association/Recent President

You cannot put a price on this!
"Allison helped me gain clarity and focus for my business. You cannot put a price on something like this. She is very passionate about her work and that's why so many people are attracted to what she does. She has a genuine interest in my success; she will do whatever she can to help you achieve the goals and grow your business. If you are stuck and looking to break the boundaries in your business, this is definitely the program to get involved with."

Kevin Wunderly, President, Innovatus Consulting

I billed 6 times more than I did the same time last year!
"Allison is an amazing spirit and a very savvy business woman. She's run so many companies that she founded from the ground up. I really wanted a coach who had this entrepreneurial spirit and knows how to get things done. She's also mentally dynamic, which is very important to me. She helps me say yes to myself and pushes me further. Since working with Allison, when I checked this month's invoices, I billed 6 times as much as I did the same time last year!"

Stephanie Gunning, Stephanie Gunning Enterprises LLC / President

I have more than doubled my sales from last year!
"I've been in business for 20 years. Since working with Allison, I have hit my financial goal every single month and I have more than doubled my sales from last year. I did not know I had it in me!"

Robin Richter, President, Wearable Imaging, Inc

My revenue has increased 289%
"Since working with Allison, my revenue this year compared to last has had an increase of 289% in one of my businesses, while the service part that part of my business has also increased 99%. Working with Allison has made a huge difference in my business management. It's really working."

Wenndi Freer, President, Engage The Flow

My Business took a nice, profitable leap!
I hired Allison in 2012 to do 2 things: 1.) Help take my 6 figure health & wellness business to the next level AND 2.) to create an additional business and revenue source that tied in with my existing business. Last year, my business took a nice profitable leap and so I hired Allison for an additional year! Allison is extremely gifted at seeing where "money is being left on the table", and she knows how to pull one's gifts, talents, dreams, and goals all together to create an amazing life AND ROI. Working with Allison Maslan and for 16 months is one of the BEST investments I've ever made in my business!

Gina Ruby, Certified Health & Wellness Coach Life Strategist

All Blast Off Breakthrough attendees are protected by Allison's Personal Happiness guarantee:

Allison Maslan
I invite you to attend The Blast Off Business Breakthrough at no risk whatsoever. Take in all the magic, make superior connections! If for some reason you are not thrilled with the outcome, and do not feel it gave you all the inspiration and powerful business strategies that you had hoped for, simply turn-in all your Blast Off Breakthrough materials to my staff by the end of the first day, tell them why you were not 100% satisfied, and we will mail you a check for a full 100% refund of your registration fee within 30 days of the event. I promise. I want to help make this decision to attend The Blast Off Business Breakthrough the absolute best move for you. Can't wait to see you there!

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