Do you have Entrepreneurial ADD?

How to get out of overwhelm and be a Focused Entrepreneurial Machine!

Being an entrepreneur isn’t like any other job, we march to the beat of our own drum and often have so many ideas that often things just don’t end up getting done!  I call this, EADD, Entrepreneurial ADD. A successful and productive business is one with positive and continuous cash flow. And to make that happen, you need to be productive and on fire. You need a road map to help you navigate through your EADD!

When you have a strategic roadmap for your business, you would know the exact direction you need to take every single day. No more confusion, overwhelm or procrastination. You are directed, streamlined and now have time to add in other passions for a balanced and thriving life.

Are you ready to make a dramatic upward shift in your business, your finances, and your life? Then join me for my almost sold out Blastoff Business Breakthrough event this October 5th-7th in beautiful San Diego, CA.  Experience three transformational days of incredible strategies and inspiration where I will personally guide you to build your very own business roadmap to success.

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received is this. If something is not working, do something different. You can either stay where you are, or if you’re truly ready for change, I want to help you get there. Join me in a few weeks in San Diego.
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Allison Maslan is the CEO of Allison Maslan International. She was recently named “One of the Top Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire” by Self Made Magazine. A born entrepreneur and No. 1 Best Selling Author of the book, Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams Into Reality, Allison has built ten successful companies from the ground up starting out as a single mom on her own. As president of Blast Off Business and Life Mentoring,, she has helped thousands of people transform their lives while launching countless into thriving dream businesses of their own. As a world-renowned homeopath for the past 16 years, Allison’s work embodies a partnership of holistic balance, a zest for success, and the most innovative business strategies you will find anywhere. Her programs such as The Pinnacle Mastermind attract entrepreneurs from around the globe. Allison has been an expert guest on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox Stations across the US. She was also recently nominated for San Diego Magazine Woman of the Year.
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