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Thursday, October 23rd
5:00pm PST/ 8:00pm EST

"Stop allowing your business to run you around! I can't wait to teach you exactly how to step out of being the worker bee in your business for more cash flow, freedom and fun on a daily basis!"
~ Allison Maslan

On this powerful call, I will give you the exact steps to:

  • Learn my 3 step formula to finding great employees that come to work motivated and productive.
  • Finally stop overworking, and receive the support you need to make more money and have a lot more fun!
  • Design your business and create your destiny rather than feel run around by it.
  • Don't miss this rare event with 10x Entrepreneur and Global Business Mentor, Allison Maslan. Learn step-by-step, how to find, hire and motivate the winning team you need to succeed!

When you shift out of doer, and into executor at the top of your company making executive decisions, appearances, and actions, you will be much more effective and feel so much freer than being in the trenches or on the treadmill spinning at the same level every single day.

Don't miss this one time game-changing presentation. It will change how you run your company forever!

To your Joy and Success,

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